Nicole Tatum

for Granville County Commissioner, District 7

EVERY vote ONE voice


"My mission as county commissioner is to provide my constituents with an informed and transparent leader. Too often local citizens just simply don't know what the issues are, or what is being done about those issues. Education is imperative in our government on all sides and at all levels. As leaders it is our duty to educate and listen to our citizens, not get involved in the local or national drama, but just listen to what people are saying in order to help our community grow and prosper. We must be able to bring real solutions to the table, and then not be afraid to compromise on those solutions, in order for equal representation to be effective."


Nicole Tatum has worn many hats throughout her life. She has been a student, manager, president, vice president, mother, executive assistant, board member, volunteer, fiancé, daughter, survivor, and now she asks for your vote for Granville County Commissioner. Nicole was born on January 17, 1983, in Morehead City, NC. Her dad was a Marine stationed at Cherry Point, NC where they lived until Nicole was three years old. Subsequently they would move to Durham, NC and her parents would later divorce. Like so many others Nicole and her little brother would eventually become latchkey children. Caring for her younger brother nurtured her desire to help others and assist those in need. Nicole attended Durham School of the Arts and after school was spent at her grandmother’s café, The Grove. The Grove has been a staple in the Durham community for almost 50 years. Helping her grandmother and watching her run the café taught Nicole hard work and how to deal with people, often on a personal level.

Nicole was still in her early 20’s when she married and gave birth to her daughter, Gracyn. However, Nicole would end up raising Gracyn as a single mother, until Gracyn was six years old. Nicole Tatum has been many things in her life, but the thing she is most proud of is being a mother. Caring for a child is a difficult task in general, but caring for one that has disabilities, while being a single mother, is a whole different thing entirely. For many years Nicole was told that her daughter would never be on grade level and would always be a special needs student. However, Nicole is a fighter and knows how important a full education would be for her daughter; she did not accept their conclusion. Nicole worked with various schools, including a special needs private academy at one point, along with doctors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, and school counselors. Nicole refused to give up on her daughter, and after many years of advocating for her, Gracyn has made it to the 7th grade and is on grade level in all classes. Gracyn has been able to overcome her disability and continues to maintain passing grades. Nicole is hardworking, passionate, and has a never quit attitude. She is the type of person that when something truly matters, no matter the odds or the difficulty of the task, she will never give up, and will see it through to completion.

After Gracyn was born, Nicole went to work for Ross as the cash office manager and then later M. M. Fowler Inc. as an administrative assistant. Throughout her employment at M. M. Fowler Nicole was afforded many responsibilities and the opportunity to learn from one of the most successful businessmen in Durham, Mr. Lee Barnes. Nicole dealt with accounting, finance, marketing, vendors, store owners, billing, and even assisted in creating a social media presence during its rise in popularity. Nicole would eventually decide to return to college to complete a degree and further her career at Durham Technical Community College. It was during this time she met her fiancé, Frank Shelton. It was during college that she began to become ever more involved in community service, civic engagement, and politics. She was appointed President of Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, where she served for two years and tripled the chapter's membership. She was also a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and was one of the most active volunteers on campus. She was awarded not only the distinguished leadership award two years in a row, but her chapter won the award for most volunteer hours while she was president. She was also appointed to be her college's first Election Engagement Fellow during the 2016 election cycle. Furthermore, she was given the honor of representing North Carolina, alongside three other students, at the 2016 College Debate. This was the first town hall of its kind, and over 150 students from various colleges and universities, representing all 50 states, were brought to California to discuss issues facing the United States, and what students’ perspectives were on those issues. The town hall was nationally televised as they all worked together to form 3 questions, which were to be asked during the 2016 presidential debates.

Nicole quickly realized that she had been caring and advocating for those who need it since she was a child. Nicole concluded that she wanted to continue her professional career in the direction of community and public service. As a result, Nicole began to dedicate her life to assisting her community and working for organizations whose mission reflected her own. Nicole is now on the National Executive Committee Board as the Alumni Representative for Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society. Gamma Beta Phi has chapters at community colleges, liberal arts institutions, and private/public research institutions across the United States. She is also the Human Resource Administrative Assistant for the #WalkAway Campaign, Regional Field Director for the NC Sheriff Police Alliance, the Community Outreach Director for US African Outreach Foundation, member of the Stem Ruritan Club and she was appointed to the NC State Parent Teacher Association Membership Committee. Nicole also volunteers at her daughter’s school, Falls Lake Academy, as the school’s vice president of membership for the PTA. Also, in 2017 Nicole noticed the efforts of many great Granville County residents in keeping our roads and community clean. She decided she wanted to assist this effort and created the Granville Green Team. Being a part of so many great organizations and political activities has encouraged Nicole to want to do more for her community, and thus she has chosen to run for Granville County Commissioner, District 7.


Butner Night Out

  Oct 2nd      06:00pm - 08:00pm
  1105 West B Street Butner, NC    

Stem National Night Out

  Oct 2nd      06:00pm - 08:00pm
@ The Stem Ruritan Club
  3595 Old Route 75 Stem, NC    

BBQ Chicken Plate Sale

  Oct 5th      11:00am - 02:00pm
@ Tally Ho Baptist Church
  1692 Sanders Rd. Stem, NC    






SGWASA / Water

I don’t think the issue is with SGWASA or the board, our citizens need more transparency and education, coupled with solving minor issues such as the rotten egg smell or faucet corrosion, that we can solve now. I feel taking a proactive public approach to working with the many great SGWASA employees is not only what our community needs in our local government but it’s essential for true change on a very important issue in District 7.

Develop Roads and Infrastructure

Our county is growing and although growth is wonderful, and our county is flourishing, we must have a plan in place that will serve as a guide and a map of how growth will look in Granville county, particularly in District 7. We currently have many new families moving to our district, while other parts need maintenance that meets the standards of our citizens. As your representative, I will listen to your ideas and fight to get those ideas heard! That’s what a leader does, it’s not about the money or accolades, it’s all about making our community better place for our kids and creating a legacy we can ALL be proud of.

Roads / Infrastructure

Public Safety / Opioid Crisis

Law Enforcement

I support all our local law enforcement and first responders who put their lives on the line each day in order to provide our community with a level of safety that surpasses surrounding counties. Addiction touches many families in some way and my hope as county commissioner is to work with the Butner Police department and join their current efforts against the opioid epidemic creeping into our community. Together we can create the necessary, and sometimes forgotten qualities, in the kind of community we ALL want; safety, diverse growth, great schools, community engagement, transparent government, etc.